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Colleges in Vermont

Despite being the second smallest state by population, Vermont has many colleges and universities. Many top schools are located in the city of Burlington, including the University of Vermont, the only research university in the state. Several liberal arts colleges are located in the state as well, including the renowned Middlebury College. Residents of Vermont can attend select public colleges and universities in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island through the New England Regional Student Program and receive a significant discount, though they must enroll in an approved degree program.


School Rank Tuition and Fees Undergrad Enrollment Acceptance Rate Average High School GPA SAT/ACT 75th Percentile
Bennington College

Bennington, VT

#100, National Liberal Arts Colleges $45,680 688 63.03%
Burlington College

Burlington, VT

RNP, National Liberal Arts Colleges $22,860 198 86.07%
Castleton State College

Castleton, VT

RNP, National Liberal Arts Colleges $9,864




2,059 76.14%
Champlain College

Burlington, VT

#14, Regional Colleges (North) $31,350 2,793 73.94%
College of St. Joseph

Rutland, VT

RNP, Regional Universities (North) $21,200 179 77.65%
Goddard College

Plainfield, VT

Unranked, Regional Universities (North) $14,834 244 70.0%
Green Mountain College

Poultney, VT

RNP, National Liberal Arts Colleges $32,436 637 68.62%
Johnson State College

Johnson, VT

RNP, Regional Universities (North) $9,864




N/A 95.35%
Lyndon State College

Lyndonville, VT

RNP, Regional Colleges (North) $9,864




N/A 98.65%
Marlboro College

Marlboro, VT

RNP, National Liberal Arts Colleges $37,640 N/A 87.26%
Middlebury College

Middlebury, VT

#4, National Liberal Arts Colleges $45,314 2,516 17.16%
Norwich University

Northfield, VT

#74, Regional Universities (North) $33,368 2,321 64.75%
Southern Vermont College

Bennington, VT

RNP, Regional Colleges (North) $21,273 N/A 79.85%
St. Michael's College

Colchester, VT

#89, National Liberal Arts Colleges $39,015 1,971 77.98%
Sterling College

Craftsbury Common, VT

Unranked, National Liberal Arts Colleges $28,760 94 90.12%
University of Vermont

Burlington, VT

#82, National Universities $15,718




11,211 76.65%
Vermont Technical College

Randolph Center, VT

#33, Regional Colleges (North) $11,788




1,645 62.79%