A-plus Schools for B Students

Regional Universities (West)

A-plus Schools for B Students Methodology

If you're a good student with less than stellar test scores or a so-so GPA, these are the schools for you. These colleges, which have strong ratings in the 2014 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, accept a significant number of students with nonstratospheric transcripts.

These rankings are split into 4 regions: North, South, Midwest and West.

U.S. News rank School Selectivity Fall 2012 acceptance rate SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile
#3 Overall Score: 92 out of 100. Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA

selective 50.2% 1110-1300
#4 Overall Score: 87 out of 100. Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA

selective 66.5% 1090-1290
#5 Overall Score: 86 out of 100. Mills College

Oakland, CA

selective 62.7% 1050-1280
#6 Overall Score: 82 out of 100. Seattle University

Seattle, WA

selective 71.5% 1070-1280
#8 Overall Score: 76 out of 100. University of Portland

Portland, OR

selective 66.5% 1090-1290
#11 Overall Score: 72 out of 100. St. Mary's College of California

Moraga, CA

selective 65.6% 1000-1210
#12 Overall Score: 69 out of 100. University of Redlands

Redlands, CA

selective 68.9% 1050-1240
#13 Overall Score: 68 out of 100. University of Dallas

Irving, TX

selective 87.6% 1080-1310
#14 Overall Score: 67 out of 100. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle, WA

selective 79.5% 1000-1230 3
#15 Overall Score: 66 out of 100. St. Edward's University

Austin, TX

selective 62.8% 1020-1230

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