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Colleges in Alabama

Alabama lacks a professional football team, but notable college teams at the University of Alabama and its rival, Auburn University, make up for the shortfall. Tens of thousands of fans pack the stands at these schools’ stadiums each weekend. Large research universities are not the only higher education option for students in Alabama; several small and midsize colleges and universities are located throughout the state. Many of the four-year, degree-granting institutions in Alabama are publicly funded, and many top colleges are located in the state capital of Montgomery.


School Rank Tuition and Fees Undergrad Enrollment Acceptance Rate Average High School GPA SAT/ACT 75th Percentile
University of Montevallo

Montevallo, AL

#36, Regional Universities (South) $10,000




2,598 87.29%
University of North Alabama

Florence, AL

#80, Regional Universities (South) $8,614




6,082 78.5%
University of South Alabama

Mobile, AL

RNP, National Universities $8,152




11,315 87.19%
University of West Alabama

Livingston, AL

RNP, Regional Universities (South) $7,320




N/A 48.56%
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